Alisa Piekny's Lab - Concordia University

​​Areas of Research:


Epidermal Morphogenesis

Time-lapse images of an adherens junction marker, AJM-1, tagged with GFP in a developing C. elegans embryo. These images show ventral enclosure, a key step in epidermal morphogenesis when the ventral epidermal cells migrate to cover the belly of the embryo in a sheet of epidermis.

Z-projections of fixed HeLa cells co-stained for tubuin (red), anillin (green) and DNA (DAPI, blue). Inverted tubulin images are shown underneath. Anillin is initially cytosolic, then accumulates at the cortex as cells exit mitosis.

The aim of our research is to gain a stronger understanding of how the cytoskeleton is regulated during events such as cytokinesis (cell division) and epidermal morphogenesis. This includes an in-depth molecular analysis of anillin, a conserved actin and myosin binding protein that is a key component of the contractile ring required for cytokinesis. This work is being done in mammalian cells and the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans

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