MSc Candidate


BSc Pharmacology, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Teaching Courses:

Biol 261 - Molecular and General Genetics (TA)

Research Interest:

Cytokinesis is a tightly regulated process that must be highly robust in order to avoid aneuploidy or cell fate changes. The mechanisms that regulate cytokinesis can be divided into microtubule-dependent and independent pathways. We are studying how a chromatin pathway that functions through Ran-GTP modulates cytokinesis. Studies have shown that there is a Ran-GTP gradient within the cell that arises from the differential location of RanGAP (located in the cytoplasm) vs. RanGEF (found tethered to chromatin). This Ran
gradient has been shown to persist into anaphase, and we hypothesize that the Ran gradient regulates the localization of contractile proteins for cytokinesis.

Our lab has shown that the target of Ran-GTP signaling in mammalian cells may be anillin, which is a highly conserved scaffolding protein that is required for cytokinesis. Through its binding domains for actin, myosin, microtubules, septins, phospholipids, active RhoA as well as the regulators of RhoA, anillin is able to coordinate the assembly and organization of the contractile ring
and its regulators. Therefore, we are studying anillin’s molecular function as an inroad to understanding the mechanisms controlling cytokinesis. Using both in vitro and in vivo assays, I am testing the biological relevance of RanGTP regulation of cytokinesis and whether our findings in mammalian cells are conserved in early C. elegans embryos.

Email: imge.ozugergin@gmail.com

​​Imge Özügergin

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Alisa Piekny's Lab - Concordia University

Principle Investigator

Alisa Piekny

Current Lab Members

Daniel Beaudet (PhD cand)
Dilan Jaunky (PhD cand)
​​Imge Özügergin (MSc cand)
Karina Mastronardi (PhD cand)
Kevin Larocque (MSc cand)

Former Lab Members

​​Alexa Mariotti (MSc)
Chloë van Oostende, PhD (RA)
Denise Wernicke (PhD)
Eric Haines (MSc)
Husni Haji Bik (MSc)
Karina Mastronardi (MSc)
Madhav Soowamber, MSc (RA)
Michael Loloyan (MSc)
Melina Jaramillo Garcia (MSc)
Mena Kinal (MSc)
Neetha Makil (MSc)
Nellie Fotopoulos (MSc)
Paknoosh Pakarian (MSc)
Paul Frenette (MSc)
Tara Akhshi (MSc, RA)
Yun Chen (MSc)